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Hello, you curious creature!

In this tutorial journey, let’s pretend you are the owner of a chain of movie theatres in Sweden! All the splendour and glamour will help you understand what Avassa is all about!

These tutorials are prepared for people without much previous knowledge about cloud computing or deeper technical skills, so don’t worry! It’s about understanding and learning, not perfection!

So, what is your struggle? Well, as an owner of couple of movie theatres located in different cities, you need to figure out how to make your business efficient. You are in charge of both the distributed compute environments (the hosts in each site) as well as the software applications that control various aspects of day-to-day movie operations.

This includes applications to manage popcorn machines, projectors, the curtains in the theaters and other various and sundry things.

And remember, all the configuration and code for these tutorials are available in our Avassa public github repository.

So, bring your 🍿 and let’s get started!


In order to be able to run through the steps of these tutorials in an operational Avassa environment, sign up for a free trial to get access to a running system.